Kathy’s Menu 

*Manicure  $25

*Lying down Pedicure $35


Krissy’s Menu

*Manicure  $25

*Pedicure $35

*Spa Pedicure ( Includes scrub, mask & paraffin) $40

*Manicure with Spa Pedicure $50

 *Shellac Treatments*

Shellac is a gel type material that is dried by UV lights and is removed by acetone as to not damage your natural nail

*Shellac Manicure ( is a dry manicure, that is finished by an oil and lotion massage) $38

*Shellac Pedicure (dry cuticle clean up & after your shellac is dry, soak your feet and enjoy a relaxing foot massage) $45

*Shellac Spa Pedicure (includes scrub, mask & paraffin dip) $50

*Shellac Manicure with Shellac Spa Pedicure $70


Nalani’s Menu

*Manicure  $25

*Pedicure  $35

*Spa pedicure $45

*Mani & Spa pedi $55

*Gel manicure $35

*Gel pedicure $45

*Gel Spa pedi $55

*Gel mani and gel pedi $75

*Poly Gel set $65 and up

Poly gel is a cross between acrylic and gel. Get the look of acrylics without the nail damage or strong odor of chemicals.

*Nail art add on $5 and up

*Acrylics available in home! $65 & up