Kerstin Afrasiabi, CMT, Reiki Master Teacher, Matrix Energetics Practitioner
Certified Reflexologist and Spiritual Counslor

Matrix Energetics
Change your reality construct , release patterns and shift into a new reality
1 Hour $65

Tibetan Singing Bowl Sessions
Emerge yourself into Sound healing with Tibetan Bowls and Chimes En train to the high vibration of this ancient Healing art
45 min / $ 65

Cube Healing
A vibrational Healing experience that addresses you as infinite consciousness, existing in different dimensions and having experienced past lives.
Heal the past, present and manifest the future you desireā€¦
1 Hour $ 75

Intuitive Energy scan followed by the personalized shifting of your Energy body. Release unproductive patterns and density that holds you back. Cleanse and refresh the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual you.
1 Hour $ 65

Usui Reiki Healing
Experience traditional Usui Reiki Healing for balance of mind, body and Spirit.
1 Hour $65

Please call for a personal consultation
Level 1,2 and 3